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Publisher's Note: Male Breast Enlargement can now be accomplished through Natural Herbal Supplements!
I created this website to detail my personal experiences and provide men and women information and insight into the world of male breast enlargement.

When to Start Wearing a Bra

By Sam Frea

At the onset of my puberty, I remember those early years of trying to catch a glimpse of a woman's bra. Then as I actually began to have experiences, I had to learn how to remove a brassiere from a girlfriend's body - an awkward act. This strange female underwear contained a mystery, something "other" that I as a male just did not understand. Most men cannot even fathom why women really wear bras in the first place. Still one of the delightful things about women are the different types of lingerie they wear. What a great variety in the types of brassieres or bras they get to choose from...

Now as a male who has grown his own feminine breasts, I think I have some insight into bras. They are a rite Of passage for girls turning into women. And they can be a rite of passage for you, too, as you experience your own male breast enlargement. Soon you will need to think about such things as cup sizes and clasps and underwires.

So, fashion aside, when is the right time to visit a lingerie store and start wearing a bra?

Let us say, that a couple of weeks or so have passed since you began your breast enlargement program, perhaps a combination of herbal supplements and a breast cream, and you are feeling the first tingling sensations of growth in your chest. Isn't it great!

Now if you are you thin or at your nominal weight, you will soon begin experiencing a swelling around your nipples and perhaps under your arms. New tissues are being formed and special types of fat cells are being deposited in these areas.

If you are overweight, you may already have "male breasts" previously created as your body stored excess fat on your chest. As you continue with your breast enlarging regime, you will find your "male breasts" changing from a male type to a female type breast. Tissues will form in a different pattern and with a different fat content. Your bust will go from being flabby and square to rounder and firmer. These new breasts will begin to jut outward. Assuming you maintain the same weight during this time, or as in my case, lose some weight during these changes, you will find a feminizing transformation taking place.

When I began my breast changing program, I was overweight. I measured myself as a 42 B with men breasts. But over the months,while my breasts were changing, I lost weight. I am now a 40 C, but with breasts that are rounder and firmer and truly feminine.

Whether you are flat chested to begin with or overweight, you will be budding new breasts or changing your "male breasts" to feminine ones. One question that will soon arise is: "When should I start wearing a bra?"

Before my change, my "male breasts" could bounce around, jiggle or otherwise move and it never bothered me. But as my flesh began to change with the new connective tissues being formed, I noticed those motions. And while those movements were exciting, they were also a little painful and uncomfortable. Less than a month passed before I decided to put on a bra, fussing until I got the bra strapsw just right... Now I wear a brassiere everyday.

Bra sizing is important. A well fitted bra will minimize movement of your breasts and help protect them from the ravages of gravity. Breasts do not contain muscle, only connective tissues, fat cells and blood vessels, etc. Bras are made to support the breast and that is really is their main purpose. My breasts are new and still growing - I want to keep them in the best shape possible. It maybe years before the effects of gravity and aging will be a concern, but how my breasts look 5 years from now is something I want to prepare for today.

I advise that once your breasts are large enough for you to feel their movements. Or you begin to feel discomfort from a day's activity or tenderness, it is time to get fitted for a new addition to your wardrobe. Go to Victoria Secrets or Fredericks or Sears, or order lingerie online, but buy yourself a couple of new bras.

One cautionary note: You should not wear a bra all the time. Wear them when your working or for fashion reasons as needed. It is important to not restrict the flow of blood and interstatial fluids (lymphatic fluids that move between the cells) by wearing tight bras or ones that are the wrong size. Wear comfortable bras for a while and take them off! That should be about the same time when men wearing panties should take those off...

About the Author

Sam Frea is the publisher of several websites including: Sherlock Holmes Pastiches, In the Garden, and Cat Care Resources.

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How to Determine Your Bra Size

There are many places online that show you how to figure out your bra size, usually through charts. The best site I have found, though, figures out your bra size automatically. Click here: Bra Size Calculator.

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